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Leading the sustainable transformation of Australia’s buildings, cities and communities.

Our vision is to create healthy, resilient and positive places.

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Sydney Opera House charts a course towards net zero

An iconic landmark shines on the world stage

As the symbol of Australia, it’s important that the Opera House leads by example.

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How we’re adapting to our changed environment

09 Apr 2020

As the impacts of the global pandemic continue to evolve we have taken action to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our staff while working hard to ensure we meet our business-as-usual commitments. We’ve outlined some of the ways that we are adapting to this new environment below.

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COVID-19 Update Green Star

April 2020

Member message

We are ready to support our members and projects during this time of altered working conditions. Here’s the latest guidance for Green Star.

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Working at the Green Building Council of Australia

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